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This is site dedicated to all St Bernard dogs and to all their owners, lovers and breeders.

On our site you can find lots information about breed, truth stories from a life of 6 years old Bernard dog - Kaos (Chaos). Bernard dogs, cause of their giants they are not so favorite pets.

Only one month old, this beautiful St. bernards puppies lives in Valpovo Croatia in hands of family Ujvari-Ceh.

If you want to adopt (buy) one of 3 Bernards puppies please send us contact on Bernard puppies buy

Dolly is name of their Bernard mother. More of Dolly pictures look here St Bernard dog......

Little Bernard puppies

Saint Bernard dog Ben

So we decided to share all good characteristics of this breed, their kindness, loyalties and all those things that makes him you/our best friend.

Find information, pictures of puppies, breeders, clubs and all useful truth.

Barry was first famous Bernard dog and the whole world remembers him as a great people saver.

The second trill with Bernard's began with the movie Beethoven.

Only at that time the crowed start to love them. We just want to provide all the benefits that comes with owning a Bernard dog.

If you want to find more about St Bernard dogs or if you have your own Bernard share stories with us and join to our club.

Sent pictures of puppies, adult Bernard and be Chaos new friend.

send us an e mail Bernard dog

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