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on this page you can find some images and informations on Mercedes emblem, history of Mercedes logo and how it got its name, what does three pointed Mercedes star represent ? ...

emil jellinek
Emil Jellink - founder of Mercedes
mercedes jellinek
Mercedes Jellink - daughter of Emil Jellinek
benz logo old
This is Mercedes Benz W 136 logo, you can see laurel wreath combined with three pointed star and letters Mercedes Benz written between two wreths. Same logo was used in Mercedes Benz W136 W120 models
laurel wreath benz orignial
The name Mercedes came form Emil Jellinek daughters name Mercedes. Emill Jellinek was working with Gottlieb Damiler in racing car production. Brand name Mercedes is today best known via three pointed star symbol wich reperesnts Emill wish to bulid motors wich can be used on wather, land and air. Mercedes benz emblem was latter combined with Benz laurel wreath, symbol of victory and glory, in 1926.
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laurel wreath benz orignial
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