Agrotourism Vegeterian cow breeding

  Apart from a quality vacation we are offering a possibility to learn something about vegeterian cow breeding. That is to say, in our household we are taking in old, neglected cows whose destiny was to end up in a slaughterhouse and we make it possible for them to recuperate and live the rest of their life in peace without the fear of violent and unnatural death. Our cows are pasturing whenever the weather conditions alow it (when there is no snow, ice or extremly low temperatures) and they don't get any artificial substances in their nurishment. Their milk is pure organic nectar. In case you would like to learn how to milk a cow, make chesse and yogurt from it or simply enjoy them you are very welcome. We would like our guests to be vegetarians or people enclined to such living and nature lovers as we, ourselves are nurturing such lifestyle. We are vegetarians and are trynig to treat our cows in the best and the most humane way possible. At the moment we have 3 cows and 2 calfs.

LOZA - is 18 years old, gives 7 litres of milk daily and has a 6 month old daughter named Nandini. The condition she was in a year ago when she came to us was defeating. She had a purulent matter (festering, running sore) coming out of her utter (dug) instead of milk due to manny inflamations and neglect. Because of hunger and exhaustion she could barely walk. We waren't at all sure weather she would survive.

PREMA - is 15 yrs old, she's been with us for 2 years now, at the moment she's not giving any milk because she's expecting a newcommer in mid April. If you'd like to be a godfather let us know.

CAMARI - taking into consideration the number of owners she has changed every track of her age is lost. She came to us 2 months ago. Due to the complications after giving birth her owner wanted to get rid of her in fear of infertility. She gives 7 lit. of milk at the moment and is recovering from the delivery stress.

NANDINI - a female calf, 6 months old, daughter of Loza, very peaceful and obedient just like her mother.

MUKI - a female calf, 3 months old, beautiful copper complexion and lively nature.

Our cows are of a so called Brown Swiss breed whose milk has 4,0 % milk fat and 3,6 % protein. These cows are equaly brown in different tones. The hair is short and soft and the skin is pigmented. They have strong legs, especially the hoof, which is a big advantage on the steep mountain pastureland. They are very addaptive, of good health and very resistant.

The unity of sun, sea, green fields and love for animals is something that anyone who visits our small country household can expect.


Donji Zagon 45 51251 tel. 051 / 795 365 mob. 091 / 536 96 34  

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